Are You Aware Of The Downsides To Using Cheap Web Hosting

By John Wane

One of the reasons why it is possible to find cheap web hosting providers is that the low cost enables many more people to have their own online presence - whether for personal reasons or for the purpose of experimenting and of course also for running a business. The lower the price of the web hosting plan the less likely it is that you are going to get stellar qualities from the provider.

In fact, when you start searching for low cost web hosting providers you are going to be amazed at just how many options there will be for you to choose from. To make things simple there are a fortunately quite a few dedicated websites that are offering you a unique directory listing of the best, most trustworthy and even cheapest web hosting providers. Such sites also provide you with assistance in comparing different providers so that you get to form a better idea of which cheap web hosting provider has the best plan and how trustworthy and dependable they are.

Mostly, when a provider offers cheap web hosting it will mean that they are offering a no-frills bulk service to address your needs and furthermore you will also only be provided with shared hosting that of course means that various customer resources will be shared on a single server. This means that on a single server there will be numerous customers that will all be sharing limited resources.

A second important consideration is that even if you are getting a web hosting provider that is offering a cheap hosting plan you need to still take into account factors such as transfer/bandwidth being offered. There are plenty of low cost web hosting providers that will only offer you a limited amount of transfer/bandwidth on a monthly basis but they may claim to be offering maximum bandwidth. What's more, they will also start charging you additional money if the traffic to your website exceeds your monthly limit.

A third factor that you have to consider when choosing a low cost web hosting provider is whether they are offering you a sub-domain which displays your default page within a directory that is located in your web space.

FTP access or File Transfer Protocol access is the term used to refer to transferring of documents from your hard disk to a remotely located server. You should look for FTP access as a feature that comes with your low cost web hosting plan.

However, one thing that you cannot expect from a cheap web hosting provider and that is getting dedicated IP addresses. In most cases, you will get your domain hosted with many other users - each of which will be sharing a single IP address. This can slow your website down and the best analogy to describe such a situation is that shared domains are very much like living in a bad neighborhood. You never know what is going to happen.

The budget plan helps you to keep your costs on the low side while providing all essential features to ensure that your website attracts more traffic and becomes more affordable. Lastly, you will when checking out a cheap web hosting provider need to look at plans such as Affordable Web Hosting Plan that provides special features and caters to a large sized website and which will attract plenty of visitors as well. You also get more storage and even an IP address that is dedicated to your website and of course it also means getting many more attractive features over and above what you would get from budget and starter plans. - 30240

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